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Late Checkout


by Alex Walters.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read it on kindle over two or three days, and kept wanting to get back to it when I didn’t have the chance to read.

DCI Kenny Murrain is faced with an increasing body-count of brutally murdered victims. But even if the murders seem out of control, the clean-ups aren’t: the perpetrator has left almost nothing, except those clues he wants to be found. And what’s the connection between the victims? It would help if Kenny could just identify them. The murderer’s painstaking, methodical, professional-style jobs leave the investigating team baffled. And although his sixth sense is trying to help, Kenny can’t quite tune in.

A page-turner, with a great cast of likeable characters (except the baddies, obv) – each with their own parts to play. A real whodunit, leaving you guessing until the very end! I loved it, and it’s inspired me to read Walters’s short-story collection about the same main character.


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