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Homemade Takeaways


by Rob Allison.

From-scratch recipes!

Cooking, as I do, for three children with sensory-processing issues (they struggle with both the taste and texture of food), the range of dishes they can all cope with is very small. That said, they are always prepared to try new things, and they all adore foreign food – just not all the same ones! So, finding this book has been a boon.

The main thing that frustrates me about cookery books – particularly those claiming to include international recipes – is when you get halfway down the list of ingredients, only to find “2 tbsp green curry paste”: a) I never have a jar of curry paste when I’m rooting around for something to make, and, b) jars of ready-made sauce/paste are expensive, and I’m on a budget. Finally, here is a book that gives me the from-scratch ingredients (most of which I have in the cupboard already), allowing me to make my own green curry paste (or whatever), and adjust it to suit individual tastes.

I’ve had “Homemade Takeaways” less than 24h, and have already made Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, and Crispy Duck, all of which were delicious. 

I generally dislike cooking, but this book has inspired me a lot. Thank you Rob Allison – you’ve made this reluctant cook very happy!


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