LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts



by Sarah England.

I read this book in one the-rest-of-life-can-go-hang-type sitting.

Curvy, insolvent, cat-loving Sam, does all that is expected of her. She lives with Simon (who has everything going for him, except kindess, sensitivity, or any kind of sex appeal), and marriage and children seem next on the agenda. But whose agenda? Sam is trapped, mostly by the balance on her credit card(s) and her emotionally dependant mother, and just when it looks as though things couldn’t get any worse, her job falls on the line. Sam flounders her way through backstabbing, manipulation, emotional abuse and crossed-wires (not to mention an unexpected encounter with the red-hot Joel) until she even she is pushed too far.

Sarah England writes with a fluid casual style that makes it impossible to put this book down. Her humour is sharp and relevant and (although a few of the jokes are repeated), she had me laughing out loud on countless occasions.


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