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Corvus: a life with birds

by Esther Woolfson.

Corvus: a life with bird, cover

Esther Woolfson has a rook standing on her knee. Confusingly, it’s called Chicken. In Corvus we are introduced to Chicken, and her many, varied, housemates, who share what must be a noisy home in Aberdeen.

Woolfson teaches us what she learns from and about birds, from how to feed a fledgling magpie, through the etymology of bird names, the evolution of birds, the different types of flight, the physiology of song, the structure of feathers, and on to much more, all the while finding caches of rotten shrimp under the rug.

I loved this tale of Woolfon’s journey into the world of birds (or of theirs into hers), and I will never look at birds (any of them) in the same way again.

ISBN-13: 978-1847080806


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