LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

What the Dog Knows


by Cat Warren.

Solo, a German Shepherd, was a singleton pup, and consequently displayed “challenging behaviour” as an adolescent. In an effort to calm him, the author, Cat Warren takes us on her journey as she trains him to search for, and find, bodies. Solo is a cadaver dog.

In What the Dog Knows we learn about working dogs in general (police, military, hobbyists, etc.), breeding and training, along with a whole wealth of information about the history and science of the subject, interspersed with accounts of Solo’s call-outs.

Bizarrely, my copy of the book has a chocolate labrador on the cover, which Solo is evidently not.

Beautifully written and balanced, Warren’s writing is clearly grounded on solid research. Truly fascinating stuff. I couldn’t put it down.



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