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The Secret Teacher: dispatches from the classroom

by The Secret Teacher.

The Secret Teacher is just starting out in an English secondary school. He is optimistic, and idealistic, characteristics that would be damped by most jobs in time; but he is quickly put in his place by both colleagues and students alike.

This book is laugh-out-loud funny – of course it is – but is also reveals the tragedy of the modern school-system. One that is focussing less and less on the children, and more on “business” of education.

This struck me as the education equivalent of Adam Kay’s recent This is Going to Hurt. With three school-age children in the UK, none of what this book described cames as a surprise to me; but it still made chilling reading.

It made me laugh and despair, but most of all it should remind us all that children are our future, and they are not worth trading for a fast buck.


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