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The Fear


by C. L. Taylor.

the Fear, cover

A now adult Lou discovers her erstwhile school teacher – the man who served time for abducting her as a child – is now forming a relationship with another underage girl. Facing her own demons, Lou tries to warn the girl, the girl’s parents, the police… but no one listens. Her only choice is to challenge the abuser directly, an act that sends her sliding down a rabbit-hole of unintended consequences.

C. L. Taylor knows her stuff. The Fear is written with chilling accuracy: the manipulation, the self doubt and confusion, the need to believe and be believed. Then there is the fear itself – the gut-churning, blood-cooling, palpatation-inducing fear.

This book is not only a good read, but it genuinely raises awareness of the hidden issues around psychological abuse of all kinds. I couldn’t fault it.

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