LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

The Escape


by C. L. Taylor.

This will undoubtedly be another bestseller for C.L. Taylor!

Jo Blackmore loves her daughter with every fibre of her being, and wishes she could take her out more – to play in the park like a normal child; but Jo struggles with agoraphobia and anxiety, and she just wants to keep Elise safe from harm. But from the moment a stranger talks her way into Jo’s car, the danger she so fears becomes a reality. But is it the stranger who’s dangerous, or Jo herself? Or someone else all together?

Taylor’s narrative is, as ever, totally readable – descriptive yet efficient – in a style that keeps you turning page after page. I was completely hooked into the story, not just by the scene-setting and characterisations, but by a plot that sucked me in and kept me there.

I really struggled to put this down, even for important things like eating and sleeping!
I’d give it six stars if I could.


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