LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

The Curse of Lakeham Abbey


by Sally Quilford.

Having spent a lifetime investigating murder, Percy Sullivan returns to Lakeham Abbey, only to find murder follows him there.

Having now been converted into luxury apartments, Lakeham Abbey is now home to a fascinating mix of people. Percy’s neighbours include a piano teacher and his downtrodden wife, a former music producer and the (formerly) drug-riddled pop-star she “rescued”, a right-wing politician and his immigrant husband, a has-been actress, as well as the couple who now own the abbey, who have all kinds of problems of their own. And then there’s Percy’s nurse, who says someone pushed her down the stairs. Then one of the household is found dead, and the discovery unearths a whole host of secrets and truths, some of which have lain secret for years. But there’s still one answer to find – who is the murderer?

Once again, Sally Quilford writes complex characterisation brilliantly, leading the reader through the plot with an increasing need to know what happens. A real page-turner!


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