LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

Tell the Truth

by Amanda Brittany.

If the past could explain the present, then the dark secrets lurking in Rachel’s childhood would explain the chilling flashbacks she’s been getting, and creepy friend-requests on social media. The only person who knows the truth is her mother, currently residing in a care home, suffering from early-onset dementia. Some days she knows her daughter, some days she doesn’t, and some days she lets slip little clues to what that truth might tell.

Rachel’s modern-day story alternates with her mother’s younger years in Ireland, and as the two come together the shocking reality is slowly revealed.

This story had me hooked. Brittany’s characters are believable and likeable, and I very much wanted them to prevail. She also writes a compelling plot, which left me doubting everything I thought I’d worked out, over and over again.


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