LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts



by C. L. Taylor

Despite being the driver, Anna wasn’t to blame for the car accident that killed two of her colleagues. But someone seems to want revenge anyway, or is she imagining that?

Having escaped her demons, Anna plans to build a new life, working at an isolated hotel on the Hebridean island of Rum. But she’s only been there a fortnight when a ferocious days-long storm descends, cutting off her, her boss, and seven recently-arrived guests, from the outside world. When her boss dies unexpectedly, Anna fears one of the guests could be responsible. Is it the same person who stalked her in London? Have they followed her here? Is Anna next?

As ever, Taylor’s narrative is gripping. The narrative alternates between Anna’s story and the thoughts of a murderer (interwoven with extracts from newspaper memorial notices), and a maze of bluffs and double-bluffs (and maybe triple bluffs too) leaves you uncertain of anything.

A fantastic, truly satisfying book, which left me (who is usually good at guessing whodunnit) unable to work out anything until the very end.


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