LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

My Future Husband

by Karen Clarke.

Sasha receives a visit from Elliot, a man from the future, who urges her to seek out his present-day self, and convince him they need to be together, otherwise life will turn out terribly for both of them. The trouble is, Sasha is imminently due to marry rock-steady Pete (whom the internet told her is a perfect match), and playboy Elliot is engaged to Belle, who also happens to be expecting his child. Sasha’s best friend (and partner in their catering business), Rosie, eggs her on, but it takes a certain brand of persuasion before Sasha takes interest in Elliot’s cause.

There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments in this book, particularly concerning Pete’s snide-mouthed mother, Vivienne, and I found the humour natural and well-fitted to the story.

I read this book in 24h while travelling – finding it hard to put down. During what breaks I did take, I found myself keen to get back to it, wondering what happened next. Even when I’d come to the end, I carried on thinking about the characters for quite a while afterwards!

I found this novel hugely entertaining. It’s a riot of lighthearted fun, with engaging, well-rounded characters and a well-paced plot.


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