LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

Mr Cavell’s Diamond


by Kathleen McGurl.

Henry Cavell realises he made a big mistake when he seduced Caroline. Or did she seduce him? Now he’s married to a fashion-and-gossip-obsessed flirt, and the baby she said she was carrying is lost, along with his plans for a quiet family life by the sea.

Downstairs, gentle, kindhearted Jemima keeps Henry’s house, and without knowing it wins his heart too. But she is just a servant, and he is married…

There is a host of other characters – including Ma and Pa, Mrs Smith, Mr Dennett, Maria, little Frances, and Sultan – but only the fortune teller knows what Mr Cavell’s diamond has to do with any of it.

I honestly couldn’t put this down. Would Caroline turn out to be a lady after all, or would Henry turn out to be the brute she said he was? And Jemima? Well would she, or wouldn’t she?

This is a charming historical romance, which will leave you guessing until the very end!


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