LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

Lost for Words


by Stephanie Butland.

Loveday has a job many of us can only dream of: working in a secondhand bookshop with her kindly, caring boss, Archie. Being a social misfit, she feels safest amongst the books, and doesn’t seek out interaction with other people.

However, life beings to change for Loveday when a box of donated books trigger memories of a dark time, which she had thought safely stored in her childhood. Through a series of flashbacks, we gradually get to see what happened, and so learn a lot more about Loveday as we go. Together with Archie, the additional characters (Nathan, Melodie, and Rob) are all strikingly different, showing us perhaps that we shouldn’t consider Loveday so odd after all.

I love Butland’s writing style, which is packed full of description, but so fluid you don’t even notice you’re adsorbing all the details.

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