LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

Echo Murder


by Laura Laakso.

Tim Wedgebury has been killed. Twice now. And each time his body has vanished into thin air, which astonishes everyone – most of all Tim, especially as he wasn’t even there in the first place.

With traces of magic detected at the scene, Tim employs Private Investigator Yannia Wilde, and her apprentice Karrion, for help. Is it a prank, conducted my a mischievous Mage, or is there something more sinister behind the illusions?

Recently returned from the Wild Folk conclave, Yannia has bought herself this extra time in Old London by persuading her dying father to let her find medicine for him. But she’s promised to go back for good, to marry Dearon and take her place by his side as Elderman’s mate.

While her father still lives, however, Yannia is free to continue her investigations. But as the illusions of Tim’s death begin to injure him in real life, she needs to find the spell-caster before the echo-murder becomes murder.

Once again, I adored Laakso’s in-depth characterisation, not just of Yannia and Karrion, but also her brilliant cast of supporting characters. And the world of the Wild Folk conclave, which the reader visits for the first time in this book, is so clear I could almost smell the pine needles.

Looking forward to Wilde Investigations #3!

Note: I worked on this title as typesetter, and received a free copy as a result. There was no expectation on behalf of the publisher or author for me to read it, let alone review it, and I have done both by choice, and with pleasure.


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