LEIGH FORBES: Books of all Sorts

1st October 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Their Final Act

Alex Walters DI Alec McKay is still shadowed by the acquittal of the suspected perpetrator from his last case, but now he needs to focus on a series of garrottings, with victims from the world of washed-up entertainers. Meanwhile, after … Continue reading

the Fear, cover

18th September 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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The Fear

by C. L. Taylor. A now adult Lou discovers her erstwhile school teacher – the man who served time for abducting her as a child – is now forming a relationship with another underage girl. Facing her own demons, Lou tries … Continue reading

The Drowned Village, cover

12th September 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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The Drowned Village

by Kathleen McGurl. Laura has recently left her boyfriend, and is living with her grandmother, Stella. Taking a badly needed holiday in the Lake District, she meets fellow-camper Tom, and together they begin to explore Stella’s birthplace, Brackendale Green, a … Continue reading

21st June 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Hard Prejudice

by Dave Stanton. Dan Reno is a tough-guy private eye, who teams up with side-kick Cody Gibbons to investigate a serious miscarriage of justice. Sadly, and although I usually like this genre (and I did read to the end), I never really … Continue reading

27th May 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Her Last Lie

by Amanda Brittany. Is Isla being stalked by her erstwhile attacker (who might or might not still be in jail) or is she just going mad? Or has he got someone on the outside?  Brittany writes a powerful story, with … Continue reading

9th May 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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The Algorithm of Power

by Pedro Barrento. I really wanted to like this book – the premise was clever, and Barrento creates a convincing fantasy world. But I struggled with the writing, which I found incessantly “tell-y”. And it was so long (the equivalent … Continue reading

20th April 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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The Road to California

by Louise Walters. As someone who is #actuallyautistic (and has an autistic teenage son), I found Ryan 100% authentic and convincing, and loved how autism was depicted from inside the experience rather than with the veneer of people with second-hand … Continue reading

6th January 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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The Companion

by Sarah Dunnakey. This book is a picture painted with words, incorporating some of the most beautifully descriptive writing I’ve ever read. The story flows in two parts: in 1932, 11-year-old Billy Shaw is sent to live with the wayward … Continue reading

4th January 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Dark Corners

by Alex Walters. DCI Kenny Murrain is faced with the death of a child, but almost no leads to suggest who the killer might be. As the case begins to go cold, reports of attempted child abductions begin to surface; … Continue reading