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2nd April 2019
by Leigh Forbes
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by Alex Walters Detective Inspector Ivan Winterman has been posted back to the sticks, perhaps as punishment for upsetting the powers that be. Expecting a quiet life, he instead has children’s mummified bodies turning up. While he sets about trying … Continue reading

16th March 2019
by Leigh Forbes
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The Forgotten Secret

by Kathleen McGurl. Clare Fuller’s uncle has died, and bequeathed her his home in Ireland. Seizing the opportunity to escape her abusive husband, Clare moves to County Meath and takes up residence in Clonamurty Farm. There she finds items hidden … Continue reading

The Drowned Village, cover

12th September 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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The Drowned Village

by Kathleen McGurl. Laura has recently left her boyfriend, and is living with her grandmother, Stella. Taking a badly needed holiday in the Lake District, she meets fellow-camper Tom, and together they begin to explore Stella’s birthplace, Brackendale Green, a … Continue reading

6th January 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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The Companion

by Sarah Dunnakey. This book is a picture painted with words, incorporating some of the most beautifully descriptive writing I’ve ever read. The story flows in two parts: in 1932, 11-year-old Billy Shaw is sent to live with the wayward … Continue reading

8th March 2017
by Leigh Forbes
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The Emerald Comb

by Kathleen McGurl. I loved this story, and found it hard to stay away from it. During the course of her family research, Katie visits the house once owned by her ancestor, Bartholomew St Clair, and falls in love with … Continue reading

2nd August 2014
by Leigh Forbes
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Mr Cavell’s Diamond

by Kathleen McGurl. Henry Cavell realises he made a big mistake when he seduced Caroline. Or did she seduce him? Now he’s married to a fashion-and-gossip-obsessed flirt, and the baby she said she was carrying is lost, along with his … Continue reading