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2nd April 2019
by Leigh Forbes
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by Alex Walters Detective Inspector Ivan Winterman has been posted back to the sticks, perhaps as punishment for upsetting the powers that be. Expecting a quiet life, he instead has children’s mummified bodies turning up. While he sets about trying … Continue reading

1st October 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Their Final Act

Alex Walters DI Alec McKay is still shadowed by the acquittal of the suspected perpetrator from his last case, but now he needs to focus on a series of garrottings, with victims from the world of washed-up entertainers. Meanwhile, after … Continue reading

21st June 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Hard Prejudice

by Dave Stanton. Dan Reno is a tough-guy private eye, who teams up with side-kick Cody Gibbons to investigate a serious miscarriage of justice. Sadly, and although I usually like this genre (and I did read to the end), I never really … Continue reading

4th January 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Dark Corners

by Alex Walters. DCI Kenny Murrain is faced with the death of a child, but almost no leads to suggest who the killer might be. As the case begins to go cold, reports of attempted child abductions begin to surface; … Continue reading

17th September 2016
by Leigh Forbes
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Candles and Roses

by Alex Walters. When the body of a young woman is discovered in a shallow grave surrounded by candles and roses, DI McKay – still haunted by the death of his own daughter – is called in to find the … Continue reading

3rd July 2016
by Leigh Forbes
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Late Checkout

by Alex Walters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read it on kindle over two or three days, and kept wanting to get back to it when I didn’t have the chance to read. DCI Kenny Murrain is faced with … Continue reading

17th April 2016
by Leigh Forbes
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Dead Water

by Ann Cleeves. A bereaved Jimmy Perez gradually gets hooked into a murder case, this time led by an incoming inspector, the very likable Willow Reeves. Spoiled journalist Jerry Markham is dead, but who did it? Was it his spurned … Continue reading