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2nd October 2018
by Leigh Forbes
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Put a Spell on You

by Karen Clarke. A lovely romp of a novel, with many laugh-out-loud moments, and a great cast (no pun intended) of characters! Despite having a million things I should have been doing, I literally couldn’t put it down, and read … Continue reading

8th March 2017
by Leigh Forbes
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My Future Husband

by Karen Clarke. Sasha receives a visit from Elliot, a man from the future, who urges her to seek out his present-day self, and convince him they need to be together, otherwise life will turn out terribly for both of … Continue reading

13th February 2012
by Leigh Forbes
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by Sarah England. I read this book in one the-rest-of-life-can-go-hang-type sitting. Curvy, insolvent, cat-loving Sam, does all that is expected of her. She lives with Simon (who has everything going for him, except kindess, sensitivity, or any kind of sex … Continue reading