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Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much

by Tony Crabbe.

Often the cover quotes on books don’t mean much, but the “Life-changing” on the front of this one has it in a nutshell. Tony Crabbe’s Busy is a Life-Changing Book.

Ping Ping Ping… the world is calling, it demands our attention, and we can’t ignore it. We have work to do, emails to write, calls to make. At home there are meals to make, shelves to fix, bins to put out. And when we relax we have people to see, films to watch, news to read. This is busyness, and it’s a problem.

Crabbe takes us on a tour of our temptations, our habits, and our fears, and leads us to realise just how much control we have over why and how we fill our time and, more importantly, with whom. He doesn’t bother telling us how to cope with all the pressures or how to improve our time-management, but rather how to fix the root problem: how to stop doing too much. This isn’t the first book I’ve read on how to make changes, but it’s the first one that gave me lightbulb moments during every single chapter.

Busy was totally readable. Several chapters focus on workplace-oriented changes, but were still relevant to this self-employed reader. It took me six weeks to get through, but that’s because (I thought) I was busy. It’s already prompted me to make my first life-changing decision – one I know I should have made years ago – and I’m a bit less busy, and a bit less stressed, already. There was nothing about this book I didn’t like: recommended for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressures of life.


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