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Conversations with my Children

Conversations with my Children charts the last ten years of everyday life for Leigh Forbes and her three children: the Small Boy, the Small Girl, and the Smaller Girl (one of whom is now larger than she is).

Occasionally, the children allow her to teach and guide them, and share the wisdom of her years – as is fitting for her role as a parent – but more often, they totally get one over. This book, compiled from updates originally posted to social media, is a lasting record of those roastings.

With additional offerings from her sister, her dad, the cat, and some random bloke in the cinema (amongst others), together with a range of funny, whimsical, and sometimes poignant observations on parenting in general, this collection offers an insight into one mother’s experience on the front line of family life.

Praise for Conversations with my Children
“An absolute delight to read.”
“Featuring wisecracks, sleeptalking, point-scoring and wine.”
“Funny, insightful with beautiful illustrations.”
“Any parent will relate to this … Fabulous little anecdotes.”
“Very funny and so true, couldn’t stop laughing.”
“I have driven my partner mad, laughing out loud reading this in bed.”
“A highly recommended collection of smiles in print.”

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By buying from this website, you are helping to maximise the profits available to share with Safe in Sussex, a charity supporting survivors of domestic abuse. Thank you.

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The Game

To win the game, all Cécile has to do is hold out against the seductive powers of Jean-Luc Galibru, a handsome French actor who seems to think he’s God’s gift to women.

From dinner in Paris, to a heady summer on the Loire, Jean-Luc puts on a Prix d’Or performance, and Cécile finds herself disarmed by his unfaltering kindness and affection – half wishing she could forget the man behind the act, the Don Juan who just can’t take no for an answer.

But it’s just a game, and it should be easy. Cécile has never climbed into bed with any man without being in love with him first, and she’s not fool enough to fall for a man like Jean-Luc Galibru.

Praise for The Game
“Great characters; lovely touches of humour; keeps you turning the pages.”
“My heart was in my mouth. I loved it.”
“Will she, won’t she… what a satisfying ending.”
“A delightfully old-fashioned love story.”
“Awakened the long buried ache of ‘perhaps love’.”

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Stories for Homes: vol 2

“Stories give our imaginations a home. It’s good to see them helping to give people shelter in the real world, too…” – Joanne Harris, author of ‘Chocolat’ “A cornucopia of witty, tragic, elegant, raw, heart-warming and terrifying stories that take the idea of Home, play with it as only truly talented writers can, and all to help those who have no home at all.” —Emma Darwin, author of ‘The Mathematics of Love’

A home is something most of us have the luxury of taking for granted but for many it is a grim struggle to obtain what should be a basic necessity. Stories for Homes is a collection of witty, poignant, funny and heartbreaking short stories by fifty five authors, both established and emerging, reflecting the connection between the immediacy of housing crisis and the stories people tell about their lives around and within it. Volume Two of the anthology includes stories, poems and flash fiction and again all proceeds will be donated to Shelter, the charity for housing and homelessness.

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Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After

Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After is a vibrant and varied collection of tales from writers who between them have had hundreds of short stories published in women’s magazines in the UK and around the world! Contributors have also won or been placed in dozens of competitions, published novels and written non-fiction for many UK magazines. As the title suggests, the twenty-six stories encompass the dizzying heights of happiness, the heartbreaking depths of sadness, and every emotion in between. Within the pages of this book you’ll meet a housewife with a surprising secret, a beekeeper with a problem and an undertaker with something unusual on his mind. You’ll also encounter angels, ghosts, aliens and many other intriguing characters. And, in the end, you may just find the path to happy ever after.

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You’re Not the Only One

A collection of previously unpublished intimate and personal stories from bloggers all over the world, reflecting the camaraderie of blogging and promoting great writing.

Some stories are painful, others are very entertaining. There are some may easily relate to, and others you will feel relieved never to have experienced. What you might have been through, we hope you too will feel that you are not the only one.

Buying this book supports Warchild, the international child-protection agency for war-afflicted countries.

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Your Messages

Over one hundred writers from all over the world spent one month (November 2007) writing inspired pieces of 300 words in response to 300-word prompts. Just as important as the words, was the sense of community that quickly built up: writers congratulated other writers, and took inspiration from responses as well as the original prompt. They became ‘Messengers’.

Your Messages is now out of print.